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Video on Demand

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Video on Demand

People have increasingly become interested in video content. Although, the ‘when’ and ‘what’ has become essential for your content to become distinguished. Video On Demand allows users immediate access to your content on mobile/ smart TVs/PCs at their convenience. Video On Demand (VOD) brings back the good old days of DVDs by allowing users to choose from a wide selection of content using real-time requests and total control over the playback.

You can choose between SVOD (Subscription VOD like Netflix), TVOD (Transactional or pay-per-view VOD like iTunes), or AVOD (Ad-based VOD like YouTube). To get your audience’s attention, you can also offer limited period free trials or freemiums which can be used for free as long as the users want.

Since inception TotalVDO has designed and developed VOD apps like NetFlix and Hulu. User experience, design flexibility, specialized theme, animations, and easy to use are the key factors for VOD based apps. We keep in mind that users must stay for a longer duration on your channel and spend more time. So far, we have worked for various types of content producers including movies, TV series, lifestyle, healthcare, fashion, kids, sports, spirituals, churches, ministries, education, news, travel, food, recipes, travel, airlines, and many YouTubers. We’ve also worked with independent Hollywood movie producers and documentaries & content creators.

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