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Live Streaming

Live Streaming

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Live Streaming

Live Streaming is the easiest way to get your message out using mobile, web, and smart tv apps. TotalVDO can help you to deliver live streams from a remote location to anyone watching the video online.

Your apps will have real-time communication with your target audience and your content is transmitted over the Internet in on time and does not need to be pre-recorded or stored.

A live stream usually refers to ‘one-to-many’ broadcast connections or simply video content going out to multiple users at a time. From video capture, segmentation, compression, encoding, CDN (Content Delivery Network) distribution, CDN caching, decoding to video playback, TotalVDO takes care of it all. We will make it easy for you to stream video content directly to your audience, be it instructional videos, virtual events, seminars, training, video game streams, broadcasts, or anything else. We are using WebRTC for providing off-the-shelf solutions that can be integrated with any software.

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