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Healthcare Streaming Solution

Healthcare Streaming Solution

Healthcare Streaming Solution

Streaming is the new caring!

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Healthcare Streaming Solution

The healthcare industry has a lot to gain with the integration of digital connectivity and innovative technologies like OTT. Video streaming can be a life-changing experience for doctors, nurses as well as patients.

TotalVDO provides streaming solutions with effective communication between caregivers and patients while paving the way for a lot more. These apps incorporate features like live streaming from operating rooms, internal training, knowledge sharing, patient engagement, health seminars among others. It will help you optimize your facilities and resources better by providing a dashboard to manage things remotely. From patient information/history to preventive care, the dashboard will relieve your doctor from unnecessary visits and also assist your patients on a personalized level. A digital transformation of healthcare also opens up a lot of new possibilities for your business while reducing operational costs.

We are ready to help the healthcare sector especially hospitals and nursing care during this epidemic involving Covid 19. Please feel free to email us at info@totalvdo.com.

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