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Cab Booking App

Total VDO has in-house consultant for Cab Booking Solution Planning to roll out. We have long experience in Cab Booking app with Back-end development which includes all latest features for passengers and drivers. The admin application has all the features for managing booking approvals, payment, refunds, cancellations, tracking and improvements.

  • Planning of Cab Booking App flow and Admin Control Panel-The admin panel allows the Cab Booking Admin and business owner to have complete control of the booking app to tweak the interface and carry out all the CRM activities in the admin dashboard. The company can add and manage dispatchers, add taxis and drivers, and create a dedicated taxi service to serve customers with excellence. It allows the business to manage the inventory, drivers, and passengers seamlessly.
  • Social Login-The feature gives the users the ease to log in with their social media account information such as Facebook, Instagram. It spares them the hassle of registering, and they can log in to the app with great ease.
  • Google Map Integration-With the Google Map Integration, the driver can benefit from real-time tracking and effortlessly navigate the riders and reach the booked rides on time. It is an essential feature that enables the business to provide high customer satisfaction as they access timely services.
  • Driver Side of App Development-Drivers can get live requests from customers, and they can optimize requests /bookings and serve a large number of clients. The wallet system for the driver promotes operational efficiency and quick services.
  • Customer Side of App Development-Customers are always the focal point of every business. The Taxi app needs to serve a less technical audience that can effortlessly serve the customers with a user-friendly interface with quickly accessible navigation and menus. The intuitive design comprises of attractive layout that offers users the ease to navigate the app and easily book vehicles/taxis.
  • Cab selection-Allow your customers the provision to select the cab as per their budget. The feature also allows splitting the fare among the co-passengers. Apps list local fares and tour packages for inter-city/ inter-state travels and select cabs accordingly.
  • Cab cancellation-This feature allows the customers to cancel the cab. The taxi business should empower their clients to cancel the cab due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Push Notification for Driver-The app offers alerts for drivers, and they can pick the closest riders and expedite the dispatch services more efficiently. They also get street pick-up options, and they can pick and drop passengers along the route, which maximizes their efficiency and can serve more customers each day.
  • Push Notification for Users-The Vehicle and cab booking app gives the users instant details about the status of their rides, driver details, location, wait time, etc. Passengers don’t have to log in repeatedly to know the status of their booking. It provides them instant updates.
  • Online Payment Gateway integration-With the online payment gateway integration, the riders can instantly make payments through the app. The app also provides them the facility to add single or multiple cards for quicker processing of payments. They also get varied payment options such as paying through e-wallets, net banking, etc.
  • Payment Cancellation-The feature allows riders to cancel the payment, which might be due to unforeseen circumstances. The business should take care that their clients should not suffer in case of cancellation of services.

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