Back end Development

Your mobile and smart TV apps require back end control and admin panel. The custom panel will give you the flexibility to keep all the information related to your customers, viewers, vendors, and distributors. A 360-degree view of the dashboard will allow you to manage the day to day operations smoothly.

While your audience enjoys the content online, we power your OTT app and ensure that everything runs as you planned on mobile, tv, or any front end devices. We will manage everything from user connections, web applications, security, and intelligence. We will handle workflow, categories, subscriptions, payments, recurring payments through various payment gateways, supply chain, and complete administration of data and content. Overall back-office operations for any of your business can be managed by a back end control panel. We are streamlining the content delivery and excellent user experience through a custom-developed panel. Our expertise in managing web servers and content servers will create a world-class product for your company and help in starting or growing a business. We do this by using a combination of applications, cloud servers, and databases. Our constant support at back-end development will keep the mobile and TV apps running without any hiccups and allow your audience to enjoy content seamlessly.